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List of Species to be Covered in Lecture At the beginning of every woody plants class I played music that related to some aspect of the day's lecture topic. If you know any woody plant related songs that I have missed please let me know, I will add to this list.

e Name Songs

Before learning the plants themselves, students learned the importance of learning the scientific names of each species.

Name Artist
I Don't Even Know Your Name The Mavericks
I Wanna Know Your Name The Intruders
Name Goo Goo Dolls
You Don't Even Call Me By My Name David Allan Coe

Fall Semester Plant Songs

Name Artist Genus Family
Japanese Maple Eric Mintel Acer Sapindaceae
Love and Maple Syrup Gordon Lightfoot Acer Sapindaceae
Maple Sherri Jackson Acer Sapindaceae
Flesh and Blood Emmy Lou Harris/Sheryl Crow/Mary-Chapin Carpenter Acer (& Salix & Betula) Sapindaceae (& Salicacaeae & Betulaceae)
Maple Leaf Two Step/Point au Pic Frank Ferrel Acer Sapindaceae
Maple on the Hill Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys Acer Sapindaceae
The Trees Rush Acer Sapindaceae
Tin Cup Chalice Jimmy Buffett Lonicera Adoxaceae
Bus Stop The Hollies Ilex Aquifoliaceae
He Ain't Heavy The Hollies Ilex Aquifoliaceae
Long Cool Woman The Hollies Ilex Aquifoliaceae
Silver Birch and Weeping Willow Ralph McTell Betula Betulaceae
The Trumpet Vine Laurie McClain Campsis Bignoniaceae
Honeysuckle Blue Drivin' and Cryin' Lonicera Caprifoliaceae
Honey Locust King Kooba Gleditsia Fabaceae
Chestnut Ridge Wendy Lewis and Friends Castanea Fagaceae
Big Oak Todd Sickafoose Group Quercus Fagaceae
Oak Tree Rap Game Babiez Quercus Fagaceae
Old Oak Tree Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials Quercus Fagaceae
Red Oak Hope Clayburn's 2nd Booty Battalion Quercus Fagaceae
The Oak Albion Band Quercus Fagaceae
Under the Oak Tree Brian Thomas Quercus Fagaceae
White Oak Swamp Norman Blake Quercus Fagaceae
Cypress and the Oak One Black Lung Quercus Fagaceae
The Oak and the Laurel Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum Quercus (and Laurus ) Fagaceae
The Trees Rush Quercus Fagaceae
Hickory Wind The Byrds Carya Juglandaceae
Hickory Wind Emmylou Harris Carya Juglandaceae
Cornbread, Molasses and Sassafras Tea The Freighthoppers Sassafras Lauraceae
Jambalaya Hank Williams Sassafras Lauraceae
Magnolia Keith Curtis Magnolia Magnoliaceae
Magnolia Monte Montgomery Magnolia Magnoliaceae
Sugar Magnolia Grateful Dead Magnolia Magnoliaceae
It's a Shame Hayes Carll Magnolia Magnoliaceae
Save Me (from the Magnolia soundtrack) Aimee Mann Magnolia Magnoliaceae
Tupelo The Subdudes Nyssa Nyssaceae
Tupelo Honey Dusty Springfield Nyssa Nyssaceae
Tupelo Honey Van Morrison Nyssa Nyssaceae
Centerfield John Fogerty Fraxinus Oleaceae
Down by the Sycamore Tree Stan Getz Platanus Platanaceae
Spanish Moss Gordon Lightfoot Platanus Platanaceae
Sycamore Trees Little T and One Track Mike Platanus Platanaceae
The Sycamore Tree Paul Brandt Platanus Platanaceae
Dream Street Rose Gordon Lightfoot Rosa Rosaceae
San Antonio Rose Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys Rosa Rosaceae
Orange Blossom Special Glenda Faye Citrus Rutaceae
Orange Blossom Special Johnny Cash Citrus Rutaceae
Cottonwood Eric Tingstad Populus Salicaceae
Cottonwood Barry Thomas Goldberg Populus Salicaceae
Morning Glory The Subdudes Salix Salicaceae
Pussy Willows, Cat-tails Gordon Lightfoot Salix Salicaceae
Silver Birch and Weeping Willow Ralph McTell Salix Salicaceae
Weeping Willow Tree Bill Monroe Salix Salicaceae
Bury Me Beneath the Weeping Willow Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice Salix Salicaceae
Willow Tree Gregory Isaacs Salix Salicaceae
Big River Grateful Dead Salix Salicaceae
Big River Johnny Cash Salix Salicaceae
Big River Merle Haggard Salix Salicaceae
Linden Trees Kate Fenner Tilia Tiliaceae
If it's an Elm Tree Kate Jacobs Ulmus Ulmaceae
The Elm Tree Francis Doughty Ulmus Ulmaceae
Grapes on the Vine The Rice Brothers Vitis Vitaceae
I Heard It Through The Grapevine Marvin Gaye Vitis Vitaceae

Spring Semester Plant Songs

Name Artist Genus Family
Bus Stop The Hollies Ilex Aquifoliaceae
China Girl David Bowie Ilex Aquifoliaceae
He Ain't Heavy The Hollies Ilex Aquifoliaceae
Long Cool Woman The Hollies Ilex Aquifoliaceae
Dogwood Days David M. Bailey Cornus Cornaceae
Dogwood Junction Sil Austin Cornus Cornaceae
Dogwood Tree Blues Artie Tobia Cornus Cornaceae
Under Dogwood Mark Nelson Cornus Cornaceae
Carolina Dogwood Solid Ground Cornus Cornaceae
The Fairest Dogwood Bloom Patti Casey Cornus Cornaceae
Cedar Tree Indigo Girls Cedrus Cupressaceae
Cypress Avenue Van Morrison Cupressus Cupressaceae
Cypress Tree The Black Crowes Cupressus Cupressaceae
Cypress and the Oak One Black Lung Cupressus Cupressaceae
Believe Juniper Juniperus Cupressaceae
Choppin' Wood Boris McCutcheon Juniperus Cupressaceae
Seeds and Candy Boris McCutcheon Juniperus Cupressaceae
Butterfly+Juniper 4 Kelly Juniperus Cupressaceae
Azalea Russ Phillips Rhododendron Ericaceae
Azalea Chris Potter Rhododendron Ericaceae
Azalea Blossom/Don't Love Me So Much/Cinnamon Skin Placido Domingo Rhododendron Ericaceae
Magnolia Keith Curtis Magnolia Magnoliaceae
Magnolia Monte Montgomery Magnolia Magnoliaceae
Sugar Magnolia Grateful Dead Magnolia Magnoliaceae
Save Me (from the Magnolia soundtrack) Aimee Mann Magnolia Magnoliaceae
In the Pines Seldom Scene Pinus Pinaceae
Old Pine Tree The Country Gentlemen Pinus Pinaceae
I'd Rather Be a Lonesome Pine Blue Highway Pinus Pinaceae
Peace Among the Pines Boris McCutcheon Pinus Pinaceae
The Pine Tree Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash Pinus Pinaceae
Spanish Moss Gordon Lightfoot Pinus Pinaceae
Red Bone Pond Boris McCutcheon Pinus Pinaceae
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree KT Tunstall Prunus Rosaceae
Cherry Blossom Girl Air Prunus Rosaceae
Cherry Tree 10,000 Maniacs Prunus Rosaceae
Cherry Blossoms in the Winter Yoshida Brothers Prunus Rosaceae
Cherry Tree Blues Tab Benoit Prunus Rosaceae
Flesh and Blood Emmy Lou Harris/Sheryl Crow/Mary-Chapin Carpenter Aesculus Sapindaceae

Songs about trees, shrubs, vines, and other plants in general, but not particular species

Name Artist Relationship
Hope is a Weed Kate Jacobs Plants
Chlorophyll Son Plants
Forest in the City Arvin Scott Trees
Feed The Tree Belly Trees
Just Like a Dog, Barking up the Wrong Tree Big Mama Thornton Trees
Seed To A Tree Blind Melon Trees
Tanglewood Tree Chris & Meredith Thompson Trees
Thorn Tree In The Garden Derek & The Dominos Trees
The Speed of Trees Ellis Paul Trees
Singing Tree Elvis Presley Trees
Shake the Tree INXS Trees
The Fiddle in the Trees Jeff White Trees
In My Tree Pearl Jam Trees
Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead Trees
Black Tree in the Bee Yard The Sea and Cake Trees
Withering Tree Traffic Trees
The Blue Trees Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Trees
Dying on the Vine Rusty ZInn Vine
The Green Vine 35th Parallel Vines
The Vine Mike Stern Vines
Honey on the Treevine Sparkydog Vines
Clinging Vine Tony Trischka Vines
Leaves That Are Green Simon and Garfunkel Leaves

Songs About Seasons

Seasonality strongly affects what plants grow in a particular area. The combination of long hot summers, cold winters and ample precipitation occurring throughout the year allows the Temperate Broadleaf Deciduous Forest to dominate this area.

Name Artist
Hot Fun in the Summertime Sly and the Family Stone
Summer is Over Seven Mary Three
Summer is Past and Gone Seldom Scene
Summer's Over Deep Dish
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere Bob Dylan
A Hazy Shade of Winter Simon & Garfunkel
Hazy Shade of Winter The Bangles
April Come She Will Simon & Garfunkel
California Dreamin' The Mamas and the Papas
Urge for Going Tom Rush

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